Transportation of all kinds of goods in all parts of Europe.
The main markets for our business are Germany and Denmark.

Transportation of aluminum and goods sensitive to temperature are one of our areas of specialisation and we have many years of experience within this area.

We are also the direct connection – centrally located between Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

We can manage transportation of goods in pieces, part loads and full loads.

We perform as both the haulage and the forwarder, a combination that makes everything easier for our customers.

No matter where the drivers and the trucks are located the drivers have continuously contact with our forwarders at the office. This enables that information regarding the current status and locations of the trucks and the estimate of the delivery time is always available.

At all time we have an overview of the transportation of goods, which offers great confidence and piece of mind to our customers.


We can offer daily departures from Denmark to München.


Prompt and accurate transportation of goods is a matter of honor to Knud Mylin International Transport & Spedition.

We are on the ball

You are very welcome to contact us for further information regarding our international transportations.

Phone number: +45 7472 2186