Facts about Knud Mylin International Freight Forwarder:

  • Founded in 1976
  • Transport of all kinds of piece goods throughout Europe
  • Specialists in all kinds of logistic transport tasks
  • Own trucks
  • Custom-built trailers
  • Trailers with heat/special thermal conditions
  • Trailers with tarpaulin

Knud Mylin International Freight Forwarder was founded in 1976 by Knud Mylin.

In the beginning freight forwarding and customs declarations were a substantial part of the business and other haulage contractors were rented for transportations. At the same time while the company developed, the company expanded and bought their own trucks, one by one.

In 1993 the opening of the borders in Europe changed many things and the customs declarations are now a small part of the business. Even more trucks were bought during these years.

In 1996 new offices and warehouse in the area of Tonder Industrial North, on Nordre Industrivej 10, DK – 6270 Tonder, where build by Knud Mylin and this is still the location for the company.
In autumn 2006 a branch in Flensburg was established.

Today we have an environmentally friendly, well cared for and reliable vehicle fleet, besides this we have trailers with heat/special thermal conditions, tarpaulin trailers and custom-built trailers.

During the years we have obtained a large amount of strong expertise, know-how and experience leading to great benefit for our customers.

We have always been very focused on being the most competent company offering the most flexible transport solutions. We take great pride in keeping appointments and accurate deliveries and in providing the best possible service to our customers

Our slogan is: We are on the ball.